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Pictures from WargamesCon

Hey everyone, I didn’t get to snap as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are some of the armies I saw that really caught my eye. Enjoy! (more…)

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Once you go Airbrush, you never go back!

Painting: Getting Started with as Airbrush

We’ve got a guest editorial on how to get started with an inexpensive airbrush setup By Sean Ireland (more…)

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The army assembled!

Warmachine Mercenaries Army Painted for Client

Check out the first Warmachine army we’ve painted! (more…)

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help wanted

Help Wanted! Frontline Gaming is Hiring Painters

Frontline Gaming is now hiring painters for our paint team! (more…)

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The assembled force!

Eldar Void Dragon Army Add-On Completed for Client

A client enjoyed his Eldar army we painted for him so much, that he asked us to add to it! (more…)

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My Bjorn Wolves: The Taima Legion!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Origins of my Taima Legion Space Marines

A brief recounting of the origins of my 40K Space Marine army. (more…)

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Halrequins: painful to paint, but beautiful when done!

New Projects Completed

We just finished some more Necrons and some Harlequins for clients. (more…)

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The new line!

GW’s New Paint Range

Here’s the new hot deal and some pictures. (more…)

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The army, assembled!

Reviving an Old Necron Army: Finished!

We finished the Studio Necron army which was an amalgamation of conversions, old kits and new models to make a really great looking army which is currently on its way to a happy customer in Australia. This army used a very limited pallet to create an army with a strongly contrasting color scheme that really […]

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Nice job, Love!

40K Image: Love Ogard’s Farseer

One of our readers. Love Ogard, asked for the colors I used in my footdar, and he Painted up his own farseer using a similar scheme and it came out looking great! Nice work, we hope to see more of the army.

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