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8-14-2012 pics 041

40K: Forgeworld Nurgle Daemon Prince

This is an excellent example of a Level 2 painted Monster with Level 2 basing, and it’s really gross! The artist wanted to paint it as if it were bruised and battered as opposed to the typical green, slimy version.

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pics 8-10-2012 001 (2)

Hobby: Give us a kiss! FW Great Unclean One and Griffon WIP

We’ve been painting like madmen! (more…)

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pics 8-10-2012 001 (2)

Great Unclean One

This is just such a cool model! Really, really pleased with how it came out, and who doesn’t want Papa Nurgle in their army? This is a Level 2 Paint Job with some extra weathering done.

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Isreals Army 002

For Sale: Imperial Guard and Tau Armies, Fully Painted (Sold)

We have for sale two armies, a Nurgle Themed IG army and a Tau force. Both are very well painted. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. (more…)

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R. Giesick 008

Raw Dogger’s Nurgle IG Army for Sale. (Sold)

Raw Dogger has decided to sell his IG. (more…)

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The Nurgle Tanks, ready for corrupting!

Nurgle Themed Traitor Guard Army we Recently Completed for Client

We recently completed a really cool looking Nurgle themed traitor Guard Force for a client and it looks great. (more…)

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The Camera adds 10lbs.

40K Editorial: Winning Chaos Tactics

Frankie’s back with another article about his Plague Marines. (more…)

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Give us a kiss!

40K Tactics: Winning Chaos Space marines Tactics: Frankie’s Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

This week Frankie will be going over his list in detail and what each unit is supposed to do during a game. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

40K Video Battle Report: Phalanx Necrons vs. Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

Here we have Frankie taking his tried and true Nurgle forces out against the Phalanx Necrons, this time with a list built for mobility. We also walk through the Bay Area Open Scenario one more time to make sure it is explained fully.

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Daemon Prince

Plague Marines

Frankie’s Plague Marine Nurgle army uses our painting techniques to produce a great looking force. This army also has extensive use of Forgeworld kits, which really sets it apart.

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