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Image courtesy of Librarium Online.

Guest Tactica by North: Red/Blue Control – 1850 Tau/ Marines List and Tactica

North here with a write up about the list I’ll be running in this year’s GT circuit. I’ll be taking this list to the Feast of Blades Qualifier, TSHFT and maybe a few others. (more…)

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Heavy Gear Hobby Blog Continued!

Here is a few pictures of my Northern Force. I have a large Southern Army as well, and I can’t wait to get enough of them painted so that we can finally post up some quality video battle reports to show everyone the awesomeness that is Heavy Gear! (more…)

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Heavy Gear: Port Arthur and Northen Forces

Please note, we did not paint this army, a customer of ours did. But, it looked so nice I had to include it in our portfolio! Heavy Gear is an awesome game that you should check out if you are looking for a fun skirmish game.

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