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This Week’s Pre-order: Sons of Behemat, Necrons and More!

This week we have the much anticipated Mega-Gargants for AoS, more Necron units and more items up for pre-order at discounted prices with FREE shipping options! (more…)

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tabletop titans

The Biggest Changes in Codex Necrons & In depth overview of codex Necrons -9th ed

The Tabletop Titans crew brings us both an overview of the big changes for Necrons in 9th ed 40k as well as a second video with an in-depth look at the new dex. (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #178: What The New Codices Mean for the Future of 9th

Today Peteypab, Brandon, Skari, and James talk break down what they like about the Space Marine and Necron Codex. They also speculate about the future of the meta, and how the 9th edition codex formula helps other 40k factions who need it. (more…)

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This Week’s GW Pre-order: 9th ed Space Marine & Necron Codexes!

Here we gooooo! The first Codexes of 9th ed 40k are here, and some new models as well! (more…)

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Codex: Necrons – New Stratagems

The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on the new Necron rules for the coming Codex which you can pre-order with us through our web-cart! (more…)

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We are Back!

The rules for Reanimation Protocol have been released. Is it what we need? Is it what we wanted? Wow… just wow. (more…)

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Ancient Dynasties of the Necrons

The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on the impending Necron 9th ed 40k codex! (more…)

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Codex Necrons – New Rules and Units

The Warhammer-community team brings us a preview of the new Necron Codex for 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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This Week’s GW Pre-order: Tactical Deployment, Beyond the Veil & More!

We’ve got new Crusade rules for Necrons, a new way to play with terrain and new terrain sets for pre-order this week. (more…)

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The Codex Show

The Warhammer-community team has brought us a ton of info on what is coming in 9th ed 40k! Check it out! (more…)

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