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Gothic ruins

First Look: Sector Imperialis Terrain

The new Kill Team is right around the corner and there has been much fanfare and excitement. This week, Loopy (Adam from the Masters of the Forge podcast and T.O. of the Goldensprue Cup GT) brings you a quick report on his experiences building the new terrain that comes with the starter. (more…)

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aos campaign

Age of Sigmar Narrative Gaming – Assembling a Bespoke Campaign

The new Age of Sigmar has been released and excitement over the game has been quite positive. Gamers of all stripes have more tools than ever to experience the (now) rich lore of the game. Narrative gamers in particular have enough material to fill decades of weekly gaming sessions. This week, Loopy (Adam from the Masters of […]

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Age of Sigmar Narrative Gaming – Realms of Battle

As the release date draws near, Loopy has returned with another article about Narrative gaming in the new Age of Sigmar. This week, the topic focuses on the environments you can use in your games. (more…)

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Narrative Gaming in the Age of Sigmar

It’s a new week of releases and the new edition of Age of Sigmar is the talk of the town. Although Loopy is usually one of our 40k contributors, he’s been diving deep into Age of Sigmar lately and he’s got grand designs for some narrative gaming in this system. This article begins a short […]

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Masters of the Forge Narrative Play Review – Imperial Knights Codex

The mighty tread of adamantium feet heralds another Narrative Play article on the new Imperial Knights Codex by Adam from Masters of the Forge! (more…)

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Masters of the Forge Narrative Play Review – Harlequins Codex

It’s new release weekend and that means Adam (Loopy) is back to talk about how the new Harlequins Codex will affect your narrative games. (more…)

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Masters of the Forge Narrative Play Review – Deathwatch Codex

Adam “Loopy” Fasoldt from the Masters of the Forge podcast (hence the cool logo) has returned to start a new series on the Warhammer 40,000 factions in narrative play. He’s got his grubby hands on the Deathwatch Codex, so this installment will be about narrative gaming with these veteran Astartes. (more…)

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