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Top Secret

40k List-Tech: Canadian Genestealers!

The list-tech segment is a series of articles designed to focus on unique, competitive lists crafted by players in the community in order to provide new and experienced players with tactics, tips, and tricks to use in the heat of battle. (more…)

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LVO 2016 Video

Just some highlights from this years LVO, shoutout to the hobby classes, significant other events, magic, and X-wing. 2017 is going to be amazing, see you all next year! The song in the video is Can’t Stop Now by Radical Something

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2016-02-06 11.14.10

So Long Centstar and Thanks For All The Fish!

So if you’ve been reading me by now, you should know that I give the good and the bad, the glory and failures, and LVO this year was a down and out failure for me on many levels. Good oppoents but bad luck, the return of the U, and wifey miscommunication expectations. So here it […]

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BoLS LVO 2016 Round Up

Big Red takes a tour of the Las Vegas Open 2016 and talks with Reece Robbins of Front Line Gaming! (more…)

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40k LVO Championships Primer

Hey guys Petey Pab here! Welcome to the first of many posts covering the 40k LVO championship. (more…)

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LVO 2016 40k Championships Tickets Added!

We added some space to the event! We negotiated more space with the casino and added room for 80 more 40k championships players! The space will go fast though, so don’t wait. Most of them are already gone. Grab yours, soon in our web-cart!

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