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lizardmen 030


These beautiful level 2 and level 3 paint job Lizardmen feature level 2 basing. They have a great look to them and those big dinos are just awesome! Options have also been magnetized to allow for variation in wargear.

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lvo taudar 007

Fantasy Escalation League Bat Rep: High Elves vs. Lizardmen

  1250 Lizards vs High Elves (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Fantasy Video Battle Report Lizardmen vs Warriors of Chaos

Pardon the wild camera please, Spam Adams was a little all over the place! But, in this battle, Keno and GTA take their WoC and Lizardmen out for a 1250pt Fantasy game for our escalation league. (more…)

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Fantasy Escalation League Battle Report: Lizardmen vs. Lizardmen 750pts

Capt’n Dees shoots us a report as the Escalation League rolls on and the armies get bigger and more powerful! (more…)

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Fantasy Escalation League: 500pts Lizardmen vs. Dwarves

Grant and Garrett send in a report of their game! (more…)

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8-30-13 pics 036

Fantasy Escalation League: Dwarves vs. Lizardmen

Dan and Frankie throw down at 500pts with Dwarves vs. Lizardmen. (more…)

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