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tuesday night fight2

Tuesday Night Fight Pre-Game: Tau vs. Astra Militarum

Hello everyone, we are not done showing off what the new Tau can do! This will be a fight you will not want to miss. We have Reece trying out the new Cadian Battle Force “Decurion” style detachment vs. Keith and his donkey punching Tau list. But who will be the Donkey, and who will be […]

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Tuesday Night Fight! Astra Militarum vs. Dark Eldar! 7:00pm PST, Tonight!

We’ve got a great fight planned for you all, tonight! Join us on our Twitch channel at 7:00pm PST for the fun! (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Replay of the First Signals from the Frontline Live Show (Fixed)

Check out the replay of the Live Show! This is totally unedited, so jump to minute 3 for the show to actually get going. Click here to see it!

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