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6-14-14 008

Infinity Models

These Infinity models are painted to a level 3 standard with level 3 basing.

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4-15-14 025


These level 3 paint job Deathwing with level 3 basing came out great! They feature clean highlights and low lights, and crisp detail work.

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This is a very cool looking level 3 paint job Tau army with level 2 basing. It has a striking green, orange and black paint scheme with a nice contrasting basing scheme and layered edge highlighting to really make it pop.

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These gorgeous Iyanden Wraithguard are painted to a level 3 standard with level 3 basing. They also feature some awesome freehand work on them to really make them pop!

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5-18-14 013

Dakka Jet with Goff Rockers!

This has to go down as one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on! A level 3 paint job Ork Dakka Jet with freehand work as well as the amazing Goff Rockers jammin on the plane while it flies! Very Orky! This model is just fun.

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riptide 01

Tau Riptide

This level 3 paint job Riptide came out just amazingly well! They feature extensive OSL, freehand, fade and blend work, and an awesome level 3 base.

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4-15-14 041

Chaos and Daemons

This is a fantastic level 3 paint job with level 3 basing army. It features a great mix of techniques, with OSL, layering, and some awesome pigment work on the custom bases and the models.

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Legion of the Damned Imperial Knight

This awesome level 3 paint job Imperial Knight with level 3 basing is painted up in a Legion of the Damned paint scheme! It features weathering, freehand flames, and beautiful fine detail work in addition to the use of transfers. The gun can also be switched between the Battle Cannon and the Melta.

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wizard 002

High Elf Wizard

This level 3 paint job High Elf Wizard with level 3 basing is a beautiful mini, featuring blending, freehand work, and fine detail to really set it off for the pathfinder campaign it will be used in!

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leviathons 005

Leviathan Crusader

These level 3 paint job Leviathan Crusaders have been converted into Adeptus Custodes Imperial Knights! They came out great with freehand work, custom sculpted parts, and interchangeable weapons! Check us out for your next paint project.

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