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3AgeofSigmar Khorne

Age Of Sigmar Long Form Battle Report #3

The guys change it up by adding Objectives in this game of Age of Sigmar. Will it change everything? Or will it end up in a mosh pit? Find out! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps! (more…)

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Why Khorne Daemonkin is a Win

Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to discuss a very cool book and why I want to tip my hat to GW for doing such a good job with it: Khorne Daemonkin! (more…)

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Raw Dogger Review: Daemonkin

Hello all, Rawdogger here to discuss the latest 40k codex release, Khorne Daemonkin. Why they didn’t just call it Codex Bloodthirster I’m not quite sure though that may be the reason I don’t work in marketing for Games Workshop. Seriously, the GW marketing department figured out a way to get players of this codex to […]

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Daemonkin Incoming!

Today Games Workshop unveiled the newest codex in the Warhammer 40k family, the Daemonkin!   Those who thought this would be a supplemental codex a la Harlequins and Tempestus Scions are in for a rude surprise; the Codex Daemonkin clocks in at a beefy 120 pages.   The followers of the Blood God have certainly […]

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12-21-12 pics 020

World Eaters: Khorne Chaos Space Marines

This army was Reece’s personal Forgeworld heavy World Eaters, Khorne Chaos Space Marine army. He sold it to a client and then painted it to a level 2 standard with level 1 basing. The army looks just great on the table top, and with a very clean airbrushed base coat, solid color choices, and some […]

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Guest Written Battle Report: Khorne Chaos vs. Nids

I was the ringer in a local RTT yesterday and brought my Khorne army to test. The best game was the last round versus a very good local Tyranid player whom beat Marc Parker’s Orks recently at BeakyCon2. Note that double FOC was allowed which really helps Tyranid players build more competitive lists – I’m […]

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Video Battle Report

Chaos Double Header 1750

In this bat rep, we bust out the new Chaos against Tau and against another Chaos army! Frankie is trying out his Epidemus list and you can see the huge difference in effectiveness vs. shooty Mech list (Tau) and an infantry based melee army (Khorne Chaos). Enjoy!  

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Berzerker Army

For Sale: Forgeworld Chaos Khorne Army

Hey everyone, I am selling my Horne Chaos army! (more…)

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Chaos Space Marine Berzerker Army

Khorne Berzerkers

Reece had his Forgeworld Khorne Berzerker army base coated using Frontline Gaming’s painting service to get his army ready for the table. This army has been base coated using an airbrush to give a beautiful, layered look, fading from Red to Black. This is a great way to get your army table top ready for […]

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