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Op Ed: Make Leadership Great Again

The Vets among us may recall a time. A time when gas was cheap. A time when politicians were honest, when children listened to their parents, when the news was reasonable, and when Leadership in 40k actually mattered. Alas, such times have passed us by, and we find ourselves instead in today’s times. Read on […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This amazing display of Tau vs the might of the Imperium is from the masterminds at foreword!! It can be currently found at Warhammerworld, and is mind blowing!!

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt.2

    The final part of this Amazing army by Diccon Hyatt. My picks of the lot are the Auto Cannon squad playing cards, the speakers on top of the Lemon Russ, the Skaven Rattlings, there has really been a lot of time and effort put into this army and it really pays off. There […]

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Daily Awesome Conversions Pt.1

This amazing army is a collection by Diccon Hyatt, being in true Imperial Guard, sorry Astra Militarum Army (showing my age there) I will have to do this over a few parts! This mighty collection of amazing painted and converted minis is the 4th Valhallan Motor Lasgun Division. From the bear Rough riders (that would […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

An Amazing piece by Patrick “Schlaubi” Kaiser, called simpley The Imperial Command / Tau Diorama, which came second in the Golden Vinci 2013, looks like those sneaky Tau are up to it again! Love the hidden stealth suits!

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