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Imperial Armour 13: Unit Analysis, Part 2

Last week I went over some of the more standard Chaos Marine choices, tanks, heavy tanks, and flyers, this week we’re going for the more esoteric, the Helbrutes, Dreadnoughts, Daemon Engines and Titans.  Since I have less to go over, and because these choices are a bit more unusual than others, I’ll be going over […]

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Imperial Armour 13: Unit Analysis, Part 1

Hey guys, it’s Adam from TheDiceAbide.com again!  Now that I’ve had some time to digest the new Imperial Armour book, it seems like it’s time to do the proper thing and talk about every unit in the book.  I’m just going to go straight down the book, in the order they appear there, since that […]

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Chaos Renegade Tactics: Who’s your Demagogue?

Imperial Armour 13 brought us Chaos players an incredible new army in the form of Chaos Renegades.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for their triumphant return ever since the Eye of Terror campaign rules disappeared, so it goes without saying that I’m quite excited for it.  The new army list for Renegades and Heretics […]

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First Impressions: IA13 Heretics and Renegades

Adam from the Dice Abide brings us his first impressions on the Heretics and Renegades army list in the IA13 book! (more…)

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