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Tyranids: To Hive Guard or not to Hive Guard?

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, I am going to try and work through a question that has been in my head for a bit as I’ve played more 9th edition. The Hive Fleets are always on my mind, so I’ve been back on forth on this central question: Do you actually […]

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Tyranid Codex Review – Elites: Hive Guard

Hello everyone, Danny here from TFG Radio, and today, let’s talk about some long distance death, and afterwards, you should also check out all the good gems over in the Tactics Corner! Do you love to gather biomass at range, all while in the comfort of your deployment zone and out of Line of Sight? […]

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Tyranid Codex Review: Elites: Hive Guard

Hello everyone, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, we are going to start down the bug-hole that is the Elite slots for Tyranids.  The very first one is a strong gun platform that brings a lot of answers to specific questions: The Hive Guard! As always, check out Frontline’s ever hungry article database over […]

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