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New Horus Heresy Release: Legion Praetors

  These look pretty awesome and I bet we’ll be seeing quite a few of them on table tops! (more…)

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Horus Heresy: Fulgrim Spotted!

I leave for Canada for a week and things go crazy! Fulgrim has been spotted, and what a beautiful model it looks like so far! (more…)

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Horus Heresy News: Angron and Horus Rules!

I am so excited to use these guys on the table top, finally! Check out the rules! Thanks again to Naftka for these, he’s been on point with those rumors! (more…)

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Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

40K Rumors: Horus Heresy Rumors

These are awesome if true, definitely big news for for lovers of HH and FW units. (more…)

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40K & FW New Releases and Pics Galore!

Tons of awesome new pics coming in hot and fast for both the Chaos book and HH! (more…)

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Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

40K: Horus Heresy Rumors

This comes to us via some of our sources. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Chaos Release Date, HH Update, Comikaze Recap

Signals from the Frontline: Chaos Release Date, HH Update, Comikaze Recap Press play to listen to the podcast!

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40K: Horus Heresy Rumors, Angron Spotted!

This comes by way of BoLS, who aggregated it from Warseer. (more…)

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New Horus Heresy Teaser Vid from Forgeworld!

I am so juiced for this release!!!! Can’t wait for Primarchs, man that is gong to be awesome. (more…)

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Horus Heresy, Hooooooo!!!! Teaser Video (Updated)

YES! The rumor has been confirmed, FW is in fact doing the Horus Heresy!!!%*_T%!*$%(!)#%* %RJFJ!(^_$!!! One word, FW, make this happen: Primarchs!!!!!! (more…)

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