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Fantasy Fisticuffs: 3 Games for when D&D5e loses its luster

It is the most popular RPG in the world, but sometimes you want more (or less) from a RPG (more…)

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Home Brewing the Perfect RPG Villain Pt 1: Roles and Rasts

Hello everyone, Peteypab from The Brew Crew here to talk about my favorite aspect of homebrew world building. Creating your villain. (more…)

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Fantastic Mounts and How to Ride Them: Part 2, The Burdens of Beasts

In this article Ryder continues with part two of their series that talks all about the magical mounts in RPGs and how they work. This time with more manes! (more…)

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Fantastic Mounts and How to Ride Them: Part 1

In this article series, Ryder from The Brew Crew talks about all of the wonderful ways mounts can make a greater impact in your DnD or tabletop RPG campaigns. (more…)

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Let’s Use Our Libraries! #7

Civilization clashes with chaos in the Monster Manual! Well Frontline Gaming – we’re coming to the end of 2019. And it was a big one for Dungeons & Dragon’s 5th edition library! (more…)

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Completed Commission: Dungeons and Dragons Characters

We painted these Roleplay models for a client and their D&D game. (more…)

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Let’s Use Our Libraries! #6 – Thanksgiving Special

There’s literally hundreds of published Dungeons & Dragons monsters out there – what’s the best way to keep track and categorize all them? An out-dated government nutrition guide? …well, probably not but we’re doing it anyway! Happy Thanksgiving! (more…)

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Let’s Use Our Libraries! #5

We celebrate the launch of Disney+ by ham-fisting as many references as we possibly can in this week’s Dungeons & Dragons adventure!

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For Sale: Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles (Sold)

These are absolutely beautiful, and will take your RPG’s to the next level. All of these are beautifully hand painted and out of production. (more…)

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