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This Week in the ITC Part Two: the Drukhari come for your Tournaments

Warhammer 40k aficionados! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio here for a second installment of my weekly article because Drukhari have hit the Meta and shattered it! (more…)

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The Backbone of Drukhari: Strats, and Relics

Continuing on with our review of the new Codex: Drukhari, we are going to be looking at Stratagems and Relics this time. The Strats are quite good, none seem broken, but all add a lot of flavor and tools to the army. The Relics…. well, they are not Bad per se, but the authors may […]

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Ynnari Rune

In Defense of Ynnari: Part 1, the rules

It has been about a year since Ynnari got a total redux of their rules, taking them from a feared powerhouse to an internet laughing stock overnight. Whilst a much more niche army, there is still a lot of viability in them. Read on to take a look at how they can play. For more […]

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