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Space Marines:Fast Attack: Lucius Pattern Dreadnaught Drop pod Review

Hello everyone, this is your lord and savior Hotsauceman here to tell you about the one thing making dreadnaughts good again: The Lucius Pattern Dreadnaught Drop Pod. If you want to learn more, check out Tactics Corner for more fun stuff. Like I said, this guy alone makes dreads good. It is simple, it is […]

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Space Marine Elite Review: Ironclad Dreadnoughts

Hello everyone SaltyJohn here from TFGRadio bringing you a review of one of my favorite Elites choices for Space Marines, the Ironclad Dreadnought! For more reviews, bat reps, tactics discussions, and analysis check out the Tactics Corner! (more…)

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Space Marines

How to Play Battle Company Part 4

Hello everyone, Frankie here to finish up this Battle Company article series. So far we have gone over how to build a Battle company, how to play the list, and now we will discuss the best way to beat the Battle Company. (more…)

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Drop Pods

Drop pods assembled and painted to a Tabletop Standard.

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Capt’n Dees on Drop Pods

Capt’n Dees from the Preferred Enemy blog writes about his thoughts on Drop Pods in the new Space Marine book. As always, for more tactics articles, check out the Tactics Corner! (more…)

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