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Deep Wars Bat Rep #5

Another awesome Deep Wars Bat Rep! DeepWars video battle report #5 – Ancients of Atalán vs. Fortune Hunters (more…)

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Deep Wars Battle Report: Scaly Horde vs. Ancients of Atalan

Another Deep Wars bat rep from the Cranky Old Gamer! (more…)

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DeepWars video battle report – Fortune Hunters vs. Scaly Horde

Check our our 2nd video battle report for DeepWars. In this battle, we pit the Fortune Hunters (humans) vs. the Scaly Horde (confederation of sea-dwelling humanoids and aquatic monsters) in a battle to the death over an ancient artifact found on the sea floor, left millennia ago by elder beings – an ancient Death Ray […]

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DeepWars Battle Report – Atalans vs. Dark Mariners 800 points

A guest video bat rep of the very fun Deep Wars game from the Cranky Old Gamer! (more…)

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Game Review: Deep Wars

Guest review by the Cranky Old Gamer on the miniatures game, Deep Wars! Check out his blog for more articles. (more…)

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i like to party

Why go to Events Like Adepticon?

Well, we’ve put another great event on the books this year. While everyone else talks about the lists and tactics that took that big dogs to the top of the heap, I’d like to talk about WHY going to these events is so much fun. (more…)

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X-Wing! A great, simple game.

Some Pics from Adepticon!

I took them with my cell phone, so they aren’t anything super special, but they should give you an idea of what was going on! (more…)

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