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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 7

The Final Installment of the Dark Mechanicus series, These amazing works have made me looking at my Ad Mech army wondering if maybe they should turn to some Heresy…. We are finishing with the Chimeric by Jake Bruticus and the Servile Constructs by Rob Meade, I thought as they both have featured so much they […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 6

    “The Thralls of the Forge” by Rob Meade is a fantastic looking army of Dark Mechanicus. I love when you see each individual model of a hoard, done with such love and attention. These converted Mantic Zombies and Ghouls really fit the fluff well, lets just hope that Forge World bring out some […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 5

Behold the Tekslav Shock Mutant, created by Rob Meade In their constant search for the perfect weapon, no twisted possibilities are forbidden to House Tekslav. This example, nicknamed ‘threeface’ by survivors, sports three heads: one head for main decision making and locomotion, one to control the massive buzzsaw arm, and one to control the 4 […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 4

The Sinekai Deist Servitors are another great eample of Jake Bruticus’s work, I love the “Spirited away” reference with the mask on the servitor. Here is his description of them: The heretek genetors of House Sinekai require specialised servitors to maintain their nightmare menagerie. Geist servitors drift patiently around the animal pens, providing nutrients, extracting […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt3

The third installment of the Dark Mechanicum, this work by Rob Meade the Witch Engine of House Tekslav, this horrific piece of work is best (as always) summed up by an Inquisitor Machine intelligence is repugnant enough to those who fathom the concept. But what those Heretics have done is more vile… to graft the […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 2

      The second installment of the Hereteks of House Sinekai by Jake Bruticus, Magos Pust’s chief area of expertise is the creation of gholams and chimerics as seen in the photos.  Magos Echidnia is Pust’s frequent companion, though the pair are very different in both appearance and personality. While Pust is loud, bloated and jovial, […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 1

This Abominable Intelligence was created by the Dark Mechanicus’s Jake Bruticus, from the blog site Ex Profundis .  His work is amazing, and horrifying! (Everything that is awesome about the Dark Mechanicus, Here is what he had to say about it:   Item: +++ Silica Animus 001 / Abominable Intelligence (AI) +++ Object Class: +++ Keter […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A stunning Dark Mechanicus converison called Dominus Priest “Explorator Heretek” This awesome conversion and paint job by Tommy at Big Boss Red Skulls, I can just see it crawling along the battlefeild. Great work! See more of Tommys army here https://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/.

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Rumor Stew! Mmmmmm.

40K Rumors: Horus Heresy Rumors

These are awesome if true, definitely big news for for lovers of HH and FW units. (more…)

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