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Little Army Men2

Completed Commission: Bolt Action Germans

These German soldiers were painted by the FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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New ITC Terrain Set: AirBase

We’ve got an entirely new set of ITC Terrain for you, AirBase! (more…)

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Battlefield Webcart 6x4

New FLG Mat: Battlefield

We’ve got a brand new FLG Mat for you! Battlefield, available in a variety of sizes and available at a discount during the release period! (more…)

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6x4 Airstrip Webcart

New FLG Mat: Airstrip

This very cool new FLG Mat: Airstrip is available now with a discount of 20% off during the release period! (more…)

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New_Gothic Cathedral 4

ITC Gothic Ruins Terrain: A New Paint Scheme

Check out this alternate paint scheme on the Gothic Ruins ITC Terrain! (more…)

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Asphalt Webcart 6x4

New FLG Mat: Asphalt. Discounted Price for the Release Week!

By popular demand, we’ve created a new FLG Mat with no roads on it, purely just an urban Asphalt expanse allowing you maximum freedom for terrain set-up! (more…)

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The Las Vegas Open 2019 Registration is LIVE!

Today at 10:00am PST, the Las Vegas Open 2019 general registration will open! Read on to see some of what you can expect this year! (more…)

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gothic ruins ITC terrain series

New ITC Terrain Series: Gothic Ruins

The new Gothic Ruins terrain set is now available! (more…)

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Hobby Tutorial: Quick and Easy Painting of the Gothic Ruins ITC Terrain Set

Hey everyone, Reecius here with a fun painting tutorial for our new Gothic Ruins ITC Terrain set! (more…)

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Ruined City Webcart 6x4

New FLG Mats: Ruined City and Grasslands 2

We’ve got 2 new FLG Mats available this week! Ruined City and Grasslands 2. (more…)

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