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BBF brings us a Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Tau

BBF from the Terminus Est blog is here with a Tyranid vs. Tau battle report! As always, check out the Tactics Corner for more detailed bat reps and analysis. (more…)

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BBF Brings us a BeakyCon3 Tournament Report!

Guest Tournament Report from BBF from over at Terminus Est. (more…)

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30K vs. 40K Battle Report by BBF

BBF sends us a battle report with 30K Sons of Horus against 40K Tau!? Sounds interesting. (more…)

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Guest Editorial: Forgeworld and Tournaments by BBF

I just had an interesting conversation yesterday with a local friend regarding the use of Forge World for competitive play. Basically I got the message there is a line drawn in the sand… You’re either pro Forge World or anti Forge World. I think this is a really bad stance to take and I’ll discuss […]

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Guest Editorial by BBF: Eye of Terror Mission

BATTLE IN THE EYE OF TERROR Hi everyone – your ever friendly neighborhood Blow Fly here again to brighten your lives !! This week I have a special mission I designed to play with my friends who also have Chaos armies. Enjoy !!! NOTE – Only Chaos armies can play this mission… and that means […]

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Guest Tactica by BBF: Flyers

Its time to take a closer look at some of our favorite flyers. (more…)

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40K: Double FOC

Hello everyone !! Black Blow Fly here again to discuss the new double FOC (Force Organization Chart) that has been introduced in 40k6. (more…)

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40K Tactics: Tyranids in 6th ed

A guest tactica by BBF from Terminus Est. (more…)

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