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Faction Focus: Astra Militarum

Listen up, recruits! John Lennon here from Art of War, ready to teach you about the Imperial Guard. (more…)

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Pros and Cons of MSU in the ITC

Hello, and welcome to another tactical morsel by Skari, your grateful host from Art of War. This article is designed to explore the pros and cons of designing and playing a 40k army that is considered MSU (multiple small units) in an ITC setting. First, we will look at some different types of MSU armies, […]

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Faction Focus Blood Angels

Old Man Brad from Art of War here to tell you youngins a thing or two about Blood Angels. So, you feel the Black Rage building up inside you, and you’re ready to put that onto your opponent, but what should you field? Let’s get to list building and let OMB tell you what you […]

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Space Wolves Psychic Awakening Review

Friends, countrymen, and wolfmen – lend me your ears, for I am Matt Root from Art of War and I have quite the tale for you!  It’s here! Saga of the Beast. Much to my pleasant surprise, the Space Wolves got a lot of teeth in this new book. I expected something mundane, but with […]

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Faction Focus Harlequins

Articles Hey everyone, Cameron Pineiro here from Art of War to talk to you about Harlequins! Harlequins are hands down my favorite army. I started playing 40k back at the end of 3rd edition with Eldar but was curious as to what happened to the clowns that were present in earlier editions. As 4th rolled […]

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