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Faction Focus: Dark Angels

Hey guys, Aron from Art of War here, and today I’m going to be looking at the new Dark Angels Index and how it plays together with the new Space Marine Codex. (more…)

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How to play Forces of the Hive Mind – Interview with Erik Lathouras

An endless swarm reaches the tabletop! Erik Lathouras is the architect of this tide of infantry and joins us on the podcast after an impressive third place showing at the Brisbane GT with his Tyranids and Genestealer Cult list! Erik is one of the most accomplished players in Australia, the winner of both BrisCon and […]

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How to play Harlequins: Interview with Malik Amin Rubio

Malik recently won the Stay Safe and Play GT with a unique combination of Harlequins and Craftworld Eldar! We were lucky enough to have him on the podcast to talk about his list, and how to play it! Malik Amin Rubio is one of the best players in the UK, and a seasoned tournament veteran, […]

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Hot Takes on New Space Marines

Hello everyone! Welcome to another great article from the two foremost Space Marine players in the Art of War! We conscripted John Lennon and “Old Man” Brad Chester, the top two Space Marine players from last year’s ITC season, to give us their thoughts on the brand new Space Marine codex. Both John and Brad are […]

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Art of War Down Under

Adam is joined by Dineeth from The Normal Blokes podcast to deep dive the well loved but often negelected Militarum Tempestus Scions. (more…)

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How to play Craftworlds in 9th Edition: An interview with Kurt Clauss

We were just joined by Kurt Clauss on the podcast, to discuss how he has been playing his Eldar! Kurt is a phenomenal Eldar player, and a world champion as part of Team USA! He has also claimed victory at the ATC and BFS team events, and has been loyal to the craftworlds for several […]

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How to play Tyranids in 9th Edition: Interview with Dallas Rappaport

Recently we hosted Dallas Rappaport on the podcast, to talk to us about his Tyranids! Dallas is an accomplished Tyranid player, and dedicated exclusively to the Forces of the Hive Mind! As a decorated Tyranid player in 8th edition, he gives his insight on how the Hive Mind will transition to 9th edition. Part one […]

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How to Play Astra Militarum- Interview with Brandon Grant

We had former ITC winner Brandon Grant to come onto our wonderful podcast and talk about his ideas for Astra Militarum moving forward in 9th edition! Part one is a free to listen episode covering Brandon’s list and the strategy behind it! While part 2 is for patrons only and you get a sneak peak […]

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Adpating to 9th Edition- Craftworld Eldar

Hello, and welcome to another tactical tidbit by Skari from Art of War. In this article, I will talk about the adaptation of the Craftworld Eldar faction into 9th edition. (more…)

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Custodes- A Different Take

Hey everyone, Erik from The Art of War here! Today we’re taking a look at Custodes from a different perspective and looking at one of the Shield Hosts I find quite amazing that seems to have been overlooked by the majority of the Custodes player pool. (more…)

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