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My Favorite List: Eldar Triumvirate

Hey guys Cavalier checking in again, this time talking about my favorite list I’ve cooked up so far in 8th edition. This isn’t my BEST list, but its the list I love playing more than any other. Read along and I’ll explain why. (more…)

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Angels of Death: How my Blood Angels List is Changing with Chapter Approved

Hi, everyone. Chandler here from the Come the Apocalypse Podcast to chat with you about how my Blood Angels list is changing in the wake of Chapter Approved 2018. For more tactics, reviews, and analysis check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Index Chaos Review: Lord of War: Renegade Knight

Wow it is amazing how a new edition revitalizes an army.  The Chaos Space Marines are looking to be pretty awesome as of late and the Renegade Knight is something that fits very well in most flavors of the “Bad Guys” of the universe.  While we do lose access to the “daemon knight”, Chaos kept […]

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Dominate for Two – 2017 List Checkin

Dominate for Two is back! Ryan, Ben, and Alex check back in with what they’re playing and expect to develop going into the first part of 2017. Ryan plays totally original and in no way orthodox lists. Ben is sad about Legion and gazes wistfully at Cygnar. Alex is bored with doing the same thing […]

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