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My Favorite List: Eldar Triumvirate

Hey guys Cavalier checking in again, this time talking about my favorite list I’ve cooked up so far in 8th edition. This isn’t my BEST list, but its the list I love playing more than any other. Read along and I’ll explain why. (more…)

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Dominate for Two – 2017 List Checkin

Dominate for Two is back! Ryan, Ben, and Alex check back in with what they’re playing and expect to develop going into the first part of 2017. Ryan plays totally original and in no way orthodox lists. Ben is sad about Legion and gazes wistfully at Cygnar. Alex is bored with doing the same thing […]

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Dominate for Two – The Importance of List Building

David, Ryan, & Alex discuss lists and list building, generally speaking. To what extent does it determine the winner of a game? What’s the best philosophy to take on list building? Is it inconsequential in the face of player skill? All this and more on what is perhaps our most intense episode yet. Alex calls […]

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Keep calm and make a list

Frankie’s List Analysis

Hello everyone Frankie here to go over a few lists that have been sent in. In these articles I will do an in depth analysis of the lists and any changes that I would make. Lets dive in. (more…)

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