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Daily Awesome Conversion

This amazing paint job is put together and painted by Andrey Demidov. I think he nails the head especially!! (yes that was joke!) but seriously this is great work, and the madness and desperation in his eyes and face really make the mini come alive!

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This beautiful Forge World Angron is painted to a level 3 standard with level 3 basing. This is a brilliant model and it came out fantastically. Note the blending, shading, gore effects and OSL from the collar onto Angron’s face.

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Horus Heresy News: Angron and Horus Rules!

I am so excited to use these guys on the table top, finally! Check out the rules! Thanks again to Naftka for these, he’s been on point with those rumors! (more…)

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40K & FW New Releases and Pics Galore!

Tons of awesome new pics coming in hot and fast for both the Chaos book and HH! (more…)

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40K: Horus Heresy Rumors, Angron Spotted!

This comes by way of BoLS, who aggregated it from Warseer. (more…)

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