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‘Alpine’ Mega Mat “In-Action” Photos!

Yeah, this thing is so fantastic in real life! You can see the snow! The rocks look real! I was just blown away by this one and it matches the snow basing on our Eldar and Imperial Fists armies at the shop so of course, we had to show them off on it! Again, check […]

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‘Barren Wasteland’ Mega Mat is LIVE! Also, ‘Alpine’ Close-Ups!

Here it is, ‘Barren Wasteland’! A beautiful 4’x6′ desert/post-apocalyptic mat! The detail on this mat is absolutely gorgeous! Check out the close-ups. Check out our KickStarter! Also, please see attached Close-Ups of the Alpine mat, too!

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The Alpine Mega Mat is Here!

Feast your eyes upon this glorious mat!! (more…)

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