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The Adeptus Mechanicus Saddle Up

GW previews the new AdMech units! (more…)

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The Adeptus Mechanicus Take to the Skies

G-dubs brings us more awesome AdMech updates! (more…)

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Additional Armaments for Adeptus Mechanicus

GW brings us news on the upcoming AdMech releases! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #678: Awesome New Models on the Way!

Reece and Frankie bring you the latest news and happenings in the GW hobby! (more…)

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Engine War – Requisition Approved

GW is showing us some fantastic new models from the upcoming Psychic Awakening book! (more…)

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Completed Commission: Adeptus Mechanicus Force

These awesome Adeptus Mechanicus models were painted by the FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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Reveals From the Warhammer 40,000 Open Day!

An entire day dedicated to Warhammer 40,000? At Warhammer World, the official home of the hobby?! Sounds like an awesome day out, right? But for those of you who can’t make it to today’s event, we don’t want you to miss out on all the latest news. Check back with us regularly, as we’ll be keeping you […]

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Completed Commission: Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Enginseer

This Adeptus Mechanicus Tec-Priest Enginseer was painted by the FLG Paint Studio. (more…)

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Rules Preview: Battle Tanks and Troop Transports

Blast your foes apart with the Primaris Repulsor Executioner and Skorpius Disintegrator and get your Adeptus Mechanicus infantry to battle in the Skorpius Dunerider! We take a look at these three new vehicles for the Imperium – all available to pre-order next weekend. (more…)

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Black Squad_1

Completed Commission: Skitarii Peltasts

  These Adeptus Mechanicus Peltasts, a Forgeworld upgrade kit for the Skitarii Vanguard have a great, dark color scheme with a contrasting bronze to make them pop. (more…)

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