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Adepticon Update

Hey everyone, sorry for the radio silence. Here’s a quick update from Adepticon! (more…)

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Frankie is Looking for Critiques on his DE list for Adepticon

Hey everyone White925 here today I need your guys help. The gang and I are headed to Adepticon in a couple weeks and I am thinking of changing my Dark eldar list a little bit. So I was wondering what you guys think and if you guys had any ideas. (more…)

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We may be small, but we're fierce!

Adepticon on our Minds. Team Small but Fierce Update.

We’re getting pumped for Adepticon, and our Team Tournament army is coming along nicely! (more…)

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Kelly is the way and the path!

All Praise: The Church of Kelly!

This new church sounds interesting…. (more…)

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Adepticon 2012 Army

Frontline Gaming Adepticon Team Tournament Teaser

We have decided to go for the glory with the Team Tournament this year and are taking on a truly ambitious project. Here’s a teaser to wet your appetites! (more…)

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Adepticon: The Con of Cons!

Adepticon Bound and Down Part Deux

On lists and such…. (more…)

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Come and Check out My Presentation at Adpeticon!

I, Reece, will once again be giving a presentation at the tactics seminar at Adepticon! Come on by and give it a listen. (more…)

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Adepticon: The Con of Cons!

Adepticon Bound and Down

We have another guest editorial from Raw Dogger, this time about preparing for Adepticon. (more…)

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Making friends is the best part of this crazy hobby of ours.

40K Editorial: The Best Part of this Hobby

There’s a lot to love about our bizarre little niche hobby, but this is definitely the best. (more…)

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