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40K Game Changers Ep 13. Mike Brandt.

Mike is the global events guru for Games Workshop. He’s also an official play-tester, a former member of the USA ETC team, he created and ran the NOVA Open, and he’s overseeing development of the GW app. That’s a hell of a CV. (more…)

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40k Game Changers Ep 12: Jim Vesal

Jim Vesal is the ultimate renaissance man of 40k. He spent most of 2019 as the number 1 player in the world, and that year also won the ITC’s hobby Track because he paints so damn well. (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep11: Chapter Master Valrak.

I spent an hour chatting to a super nice guy named Sam about his channel, about 40k, about life in general, and I still can’t work out why anyone would think he’s ‘controversial’! (more…)

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40k Game Changers Ep 10: Miniwargaming Dave

Dave Nordquist runs the biggest 40k battle report channel in the world. He’s made fantasy movies, written a book, won a business award and his brain just won’t quit coming up with ideas!! (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep 9: Play On Tabletop

In April 2019 6 guys decided to start a 40k Battle Report revolution. A year and a half later they had 100,000 youtube subscribers! How did they do it? (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep 8: Neil Kerr.

Neil Kerr is the head judge of the WTC and a proud Scotsman. There is so much in this episode – including beer and a fair bit of rugby. And also how 40k saved his life. (more…)

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