dropzone commander image

Guest Editorial: Introduction to Dropzone Commander Models

A guest Editorial by Sean Ireland (more…)

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chaos starter box

Starter Box Revealed!

  Faeit 212 brings us this, and wow oh wow do these models look AWESOME! (more…)

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Guest Editorial: Building, Painting, and Playing a Necron Airforce.

OverwatchCNC ¬†from Capture and Control on Building, Painting, and Playing a Necron Airforce. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Reecius’ Take All Comers Marines vs. Jy2’s Purifier Spam Grey Knights 1500pts

This was a super fun game! In it, Jy2 and Reecius play the BAO scenario and Reecius tries out his Vanilla Marines with what he thinks will be a true Take All Comers list for their first trial run against Jy2’s tried and true Purifier Spam Grey Knights in a 1500pts battle. (more…)

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change is good

Guest Editorial: Skari on 6th ed and Why change is Good!

Here it is. Its more of an editiorial on 6th edition dynamics… (more…)

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america fuck yeah

The ETC Has Begun!!

The international tournament has begun! (more…)

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Ahirman WIP

Hobby: WIP and Upcoming Event Reminder

These Chaos Characters are just about ready to make their debut for the new book! Also, we’ve got some events coming up. (more…)

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stop being a sissy

Stop being a Sissy and Start Going to Tournaments!

Reecius from Frontline Gaming here to throw some fuel on the fire of last week’s BoLS article! (more…)

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Do you think it's contagious, Doc?

Hobby: WIP’s and Completed Projects

Check out some of our projects! (more…)

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Video Battle Report

NSFW!! Necrons vs. Space Wolves 2,000pts

NSFW!!! Warning, if you don’t like videos with grown men acting immaturely, cursing, talking trash about each other, 40K, Necrons, Matt Ward, Leprechauns, Koni and Barf, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!! hahaha, you have been warned! Oh yeah, and this is a really good example of why the Air Force armies will be king until […]

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