Video Battle Report

40K Video Bat Rep: 1750 BAO Test Game

In this battle, Reece busts out his Nids against Captain Dees’ tournament Biker Marines in a very fun bat rep. (more…)

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jack of all trades

Guest 40K Editorial by Facepuncher: Midrange Lists (And Why I Don’t Like them Anymore)

A guest editorial by Facepuncher. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Chaos Double Header Part 2

In this Double Header, we see Reecius’ Night Lords out against Jy2’s Tyranids, and again against Capt’n Dees’ 1,000 Sons in a pair of 1750pt BAO test matches. (more…)

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Narrative Campaign Basics

Hey y’all!(I recently went to Texas and that is how they talk)  Raw Dogger here to give you the inside skinny on the 411 on all the things you NEED to know about our upcoming 40k narrative campaign. (more…)

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Fantasy Skaven

Let’s Get our Fantasy Community Going!

We’ve got a lot of folks that want to play Fantasy at Frontline but we just need a little organization to get it going. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Dark Angels and Ork Rumors, News

Signals from the Frontline: Dark Angels and Ork Rumors, News. Press play to listen to the podcast. Signals from the Frontline Episode 98 [ 24:30 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (251)

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Guest Interview by BBF with Gabe Dobkin from Beaky Con

This evening I have put together an interview with Gabe Dobkin who won the Player’s Choice award this year taking the top spot for Best Army by a land slide. Gabe is no stranger to the podium and has won many awards at various GTs as both a general and painter. Last year Gabe won […]

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Guest Interview: BBF Interviews Teddy Woody

This evening I have an interview with Teddy Woody who won the highly coveted Warmaster award this year taking the top spot as our Best General. There was a lot of great players this year and I watched as they knocked each other out of contention. The second day was very intense as each of […]

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haters gonna hate

Guest Editorial by Edwin: I Tabeled Draigowing, and I liked It!

A guest editorial by Edwin. (more…)

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This kid's dad is a BOSS for making such a cool costume!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Happy Halloween everyone, we here at Frontline Gaming hope you all have a fun night with the kiddos, and a fun night for those of us who are still kids at heart!  

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