LVO 2016 Pub Crawl

2016 LVO Pub Crawl – Coop Juice’s Wild Ride!

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  1. Le Bar du Sport in Paris: 9:30pm
  2. Fuel Bar outside Ballys: 10:45ish
  3. Indigo Lounge inside Ballys: Whenever we get there!
  4. Sullys inside Ballys: Who knows?!

Hey Everyone! Coop Juice here, and I am just amped to announce that the annual event that has taken the world by storm is back again… the Las Vegas Open Pub Crawl.

On Saturday night, February 6th 2016, I invite each of you to join me in an attempt to conquer the most glorious watering holes that Vegas has to offer over the course of one evening (morning?!).

If you are indeed able to join us, be prepared for an amazing experience. Not only are you signing up able to meet up and have a drink with your gaming buddies, but you are going to meet a number of new friends too! The social aspect is what I think most people miss when attending big events such as the LVO. Thus, if you are one of those that are looking to attend more and more of these kinds of events, the Pub Crawl is the place to meet your fellow wargamers and enjoy your favorite adult beverages at the same time.

Last year’s crawl was… epic. We initially were set out to try and hit 4 locations, however if my memory serves me correctly, the final survivors made it to 6 different spots (damn those navy guys can drink). We went for the better part of the morning and it was an absolute blast.


Stage 6 survivors at 4:36am

Now, if you are looking to just stop by for a drink or two, and don’t want to party till the wee hours of the next day, we still definitely want you to come by! We want to make this pub crawl the biggest one yet and hope that we can have as many brave souls/warriors/weird Viking dudes come out for some fun, if only for a little while.


Kinda weird right?

Which brings me to my last point, let’s talk theme. Last year, I did not properly announce that I wanted to have a theme of “Crazy Headgear” for the crawl attendees. This year, I will not make the same mistake.

This year’s theme is BRIGHT NEON COLORS. It doesn’t matter if you wear a tie dyed shirt or if show up as a walking, talking, human highlighter. Just rep those bright colors!

I know what I’m wearing. Do you?

I know what I’m wearing. Do you?

To help with those that might be overly forgetful to wear something appropriate (Alan Bajramovich)… when you purchase your ticket for the Pub Crawl, you will receive a headband designed to keep track of how many bars you have made it to throughout the night. The headbands will definitely be showing off some brightness, so if you can’t find anything, just make sure to wear your Pub Crawl swag handed out prior to the event.

I hope to see you all at the LVO and Pub Crawl! It’s gonna be awesome.