Las Vegas Open 2015 Warhammer Fantasy Championships

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  • Registration at 9:00AM on Saturday, February 21st
  • Round 1 at  10:00AM on Saturday, February 21st
  • Round 5 at Noon on Sunday, February 22nd

This is the serious play, and we will be competing for trophies and prizes!

5 games, each round last 2 1/2 hours and there is a 1/2 hour (30 min) break In between rounds.

Missions in order of play:

Day 1: 3 games

  • Meeting Engagement (Characters MAY join units before rolling for deployment)
  • Battle Line
  • Blood and Glory (breaking point is NOT an automatic victory, it awards the first       person to break their opponent 500 VP, and the second 200 vp.

Day 2: 2 games

  •  Dawn Attack
  •  Battle line


  • 2500 points.
  • The 8th edition set of rules must be used.
  • Per the latest FAQ, 50% limit on Lords and Heroes, and the Lore of Undeath is in use.
  • End Times units will be approved/denied pending official GW FAQs.
  • This IS an OPEN list event. Please bring your own copy of your list, as they will NOT be included in your player packet. Please submit your list 3 weeks prior to the event to Seth Amsden at:
  • Players must understand that this tournament is for fun. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • You must create your army using the most recent edition of the appropriate Warhammer Armies book or the Chaos Dwarf list located in the Forge World Tamurkhan book. Trial Rules and Appendix armies are NOT permitted.
  • Your army does NOT have to be painted but MUST be fully assembled.  Paint IS a part of your score.
  • Hills block LOS for non-Large models (however LOS IS reciprocal, so if you can see them, they can see you, ie. Large targets behind hills) and are not difficult ground.
  • Forests follow standard BRB LoS rules.
  • Unit cap of 30 Infantry / 15 Monstrous Infantry models for entering a building (any unit can still assault one though)
  • No fixed terrain.  Instead, players take turns placing terrain (and must use all pieces on the table) each game following these set rules:
  • No terrain may be placed with in 10 inches of a board edge, and all terrain must be at least 6 inches apart.
  • No mysterious terrain
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If a model is armed with an item, it must be shown on the figure. Models for army list choices that are not available must be converted. If you are in any way in doubt about whether your conversion or scratch built piece might not be acceptable please call us before the tournament. We don’t want someone to show up with something they can’t use! (Please not that not all the magic items a character is carrying must be represented on the model)
  • You may use non-Games Workshop models in this tournament.
  • You may NOT use Special Characters and no Proxies! Counters, tokens, gum balls, painted rocks, ect
  • The most current rules clarifications from the official GW Warhammer FAQ will be in use.
  • If your army contains Wizards, the Lore that each Wizard uses MUST be declared in their entry on the army list. If an item grants you knowledge of a spell from a Lore that you may pick, you must declare that on your army list as well. In the case of Grey Seers, you must declare how many spells that they will use from either of the Skaven Lores. For example, “Grey Seer – 2 Spells from Lore of Ruin & 2 Spells from Lore of Plague.”.
  • Storm of Chaos, Dogs of War and Lustria lists are NOT allowed.
  • You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring our hobby into disrepute.
  • You must bring all materials needed to play including dice, measuring devices, templates, models, and any rules that you will be using, including having a core rule book. Please note, that if you come unprepared, this WILL effect your sportsmanship score.


A possible 750 pnts from 5 rounds of gaming. ( 75 pnts for a loss, 100 for a draw, 125 pnts for a victory, 150 for a major victory of 500 or more victory points)

65 points for sportsmanship, that’s up to 13 points per round, opponent judged. (Any 0 score given MUST be explained to the Judge.)

Up to 135 points for paint:

  • 0 score if more than 25% of the army is unpainted
  • 25 points if less than 25% is unpainted
  • 50 points if everything is base coated, but not at the 3 color minimum
  • 75 points for 3 color minimum/ fully based
  • 100 points for 4+ colors and at least 2 types of basing materials
  • 125 points for everything already mentioned plus the use of advanced techniques (blending, freehand, advanced basing, themed armies, etc….)
  • 10 points for a display board

50 points for Army Composition. (We will be using a rubric army comp system wich is listed below)


  • No named characters of any kind and  no Proxies! Counters, tokens, gum balls, painted rocks, ect
  • No Fosgates Folding Fortress

Comp Hits: -10 points Each:

  • 25% of points in one unit (625 pnts in one unit.  Characters count as a unit, and point values for this hit are determined before the addition of a character. Examples: a 625 point lord would cause a hit, but a 350 point lord in a 300+ point unit would not)
  • 2+ lvl 4 wizards
  • Duplicate rares
  • 3+ war machines
  • Units over 50 models in count
  • Comp hits are each worth -10 points

A perfect score is a total of 1000 points.

Rules Judgments:

  • Rules issues will be dealt with swiftly by a roaming judge. We use a hierarchy for determining rules issues as follows:
  • Main Rule Book
  • FAQs and Erratas
  • Rulings of the judge present at the time. Please note, that these judgments are final.

List Submission:

List must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event or you will forfeit 50% of your Comp score. Your name MUST be on your list! not just on the email you send.  Please bring a copy of your list with you, they will NOT be included in your player packet.  This IS an OPEN list event. Email list in PDF format to:


This event will be loaded with prizes including the very popular “Best of Awards” we have used in the Las Vegas Open event, previously. These are awarded for the player that does the best with their specific army at the end of the event! You may not win the whole thing or be best painted, but you can do the best with your specific army! The Warhammer Champion shield will be returning,and best over all will have the honor of having a seal with their name and Tournament made, and then emblazoned on the Shield. Generalship, Hobby/Painting, and Combined score prizes will be available to list just some of them!