Las Vegas Open 2015 Pub Crawl

Buy your tickets for the Pub Crawl here.


The annual LVO pub crawl is now a tradition! Join us for another year of fun that you probably won’t remember! This year the debacle is lead by none other than Cooper Waddell, aka, Coop Nasty, aka, Copper Waddle! 


Coop Nasty is the lovely young lady in the picture, not the cat…we think! =P

  • Your ticket gets you entrance into the event and an official Las Vegas Open 2015 Pub Crawl T-Shirt!
  • You must be 21 years old to participate in this event and you are expected to drink responsibly.

Here’s the schedule for the event. Festivities begin around 8:30pm at the first bar, listed below.

1. “5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar” – Located in the Flamingo in the Margaritaville Casino

2. “Seahorse Lounge” – Located in Caesar’s Palace

3. “Cleopatra’s Barge” – Next to Seahorse Lounge in Caesar’s Palace

4. “Lobby Bar/Galleria Bar” – Near Seahorse and Cleopatra in Caesar’s Palace.

*Caesar’s Palace is located across the street from the Flamingo, thus we will have one drink at the Flamingo and then while everyone is still energetic, we will make the longest walk of the night to Caesar’s for Bar number two. If we do this any later than bar number two, most people will bail.

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Hey everyone, Coop Doodle here, and I will be leading this year’s most important event at the Las Vegas Open.. the Pub Crawl
If you will be attending this year’s crawl, you are in for a treat. Not only are you are signing up for an event that gives you get a chance to share a drink and hang out with your buddies, but you are going to meet a ton of new friends as well. The social aspect of this event is what it’s all about, Last year was the first annual, and it was an absolute blast. I met more fellow gamers on last years crawl than any other event that I have gone to..This year is looking to be even bigger, so lets have some fun with it.
When you purchase your ticket for this event, you are already getting a sweet shirt that you can track how many bars you actually made it to throughout the night (if you survive). But what’s the fun in looking just like the person next to you? So with that, lets move into what I really want to see… and that is some sweet headgear.
Last year, the LVO 2014 Beer Hammer Champion was wearing his prize/trophy from the event of a beer helmet during the crawl. It was hilariously epic and everyone wanted one of their own! So why not bring something awesome for yourself? We can definitely step this up a notch. So with that, I challenge each and every one of you attending this year to bring something awe inspiring. The crazier the hat /helmet /wig /fruit /spaceship that you can don on that head of yours, the better.  I know I have something planned of my own and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.
See you guys in Vegas!