Las Vegas Open 2015 Beerhammer!

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Ninkasi, the minor Chaos God of Beer has decreed that the mortal realm must once again battle for his amusement.  Each warrior will see the field of battle bombarded by the fine vessels the gods have procured, each filled with the devine ambrosia of Chaos itself.  Only the strongest, most cunning, and least sober champion will be crowned the Lord of Beerhammer.



Friday night around 8:30pm until we finish the last game!

2 Rounds, don’t want to overdo it!

  • What comes with ticket: (Beerhammer 2015 Church Key, and entrance to the event).
  • There will be a bar available to purchase beverages for the event, including non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Event Rules: Army list will be constructed with the same rules and restrictions as the Warhammer 40k Championships.
  • All players are expected to remain civil, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, we don’t want any broken models covered in beer.  If you are overly intoxicated, you will unfortunately be asked to leave.
  • Be sure to pace yourself!  Nobody knows your limit but you, and just because you can drink, doesn’t mean you have to at every opportunity.
  • The Beerhammer Championships will go on for 2 rounds, the player with the most cumulative victory points at the end of both games will be crowned the champion.  There will be a top secret tie breaker if necessary to determine the winner.

Event Scenarios:

Scenario 1: Bierström

First, to separate the wheat from the barley, Ninkasi has willed it that the would-be champions battle each other in an arena of ever changing objectives.  Her fickle ways mean that you are never sure where she might want you to be or what to kill, though it is always possible to earn her patronage by giving a meager offering of hooch.

At the beginning of each game turn, both players will roll two D6 and consult this chart to determine their Maelstrom objectives for that turn.  Like the 40k Championships, these are scored at the end of the game turn.

Modified Maelstrom:

  1. Don’t fall Off – Have no models within 12″ of either long table edge.
  2. Spread ‘em – Have no models within 12″ of either short table edge.
  3. Bomb’s Away – Kill any of your own models with a scattered blast.
  4. Not as think as you drunk I am – Fail 3 or more charges.
  5. Under the bus – Have one of your units wiped out in combat.
  6. Liquid courage – Your opponent declines a challenge, or you lose a challenge.

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker

Mission Special Rules: Breaking the Seal, Unworthy Offering, Night Fighting, Reserves

Breaking the Seal: Any time you use the restroom, your opponent is awarded a victory point.

Unworthy Offering: If you are unable (unwilling, or just too thirsty) to achieve one of your Maelstrom objectives, you can attempt to redeem yourself in the eyes of Ninkasi by finishing a beverage, this will grant you the Victory Point as if you had accomplished the Maelstrom objective.  You may only perform one Unworthy Offering per game turn.

Scenario 2: Beer-teor Shower

Ninkasi was impressed by the performance of the champions in the previous battle and has decided to ‘gift’ her beloved followers with massive quantities of hooch from the heavens above.

Mission: Purge the Alien

Deployment: Dawn of War

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker

Mission Special Rules: Breaking the Seal, Destroyer Shots, Night Fighting, Reserves

Each Player use up to 6 beverages during the game. At any time, when a player finishes a drink, they may place the can/bottle/glass anywhere on the table, scattering 2D6″, any model under the can suffers a S10 AP1 hit that ignores cover. The attack is treated like any normal Barrage weapon, additionally any models that survive the blast are pushed away from the can final position by the shortest distance necessary and the can remains in play as impassable, line of sight blocking terrain.  If the beverage lands on impassible terrain, or in a location it otherwise cannot fit, reduce it’s scatter until it can be placed.

Breaking the Seal: Any time you use the restroom, your opponent is awarded a victory point.

Destroyer Shots: Instead of drinking something like a beer or cocktail, you can optionally take a “Destroyer Shot”. A Destroyer Shot is Fireball Whiskey, with Tobasco Sauce and a Bacardi 151 floater, preferably lit on fire and blown out before consumption.  If you do this, the strength of the weapon is increased to Destroyer, but only uses the shot glass as the template.