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 Post subject: Tabletop - San Antonio Texas 1850 Battleforged Tournament
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:40 am 

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Please let me know if this is the correct format for entry into ITC

Cost 10.00
3 Rounds
2 hours per Round

Prize support breakdown
1st - 200.00
2nd - 100.00
3rd - 50.00
4th - 50.00
Sportsmanship - 50.00
Best Painted - 50.00

Free Army Giveaway will be:
A Solitaire and a squad of Harlequins
- Army must be fully painted (3 color standard)
- Must be present to win
- Must submit Army list prior to Feb 20th by emailing it to
- Must bring me a beer

1. 11:00 Registration Opens
2. 12:00am Round 1
3. 2:15pm Round 2
4. 4:30pm Round 3

Army Composition
• 1850 point limit.
• 2 Detachments Total. You may take any 2 detachments you wish, but may not repeat any detachments.
• 0-1-CAD
o Detachments may be produced from a maximum of one Codex / Codex Supplement. Only 7th edition updated Forge World army lists are allowed which at present is only the Renegades and Heretics list in IA13.
o Example – You may not selectively include units within one Combined Arms Detachment from both Codex: Tau and Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves, despite them being within the same Faction per the Detachment creation rules in the 40k Rulebook.
o Exception – Units that are added to various Factions by means other than the primary or supplemental Codex are exceptions (i.e., Dataslate Characters, Forgeworld 40K approved units where they are permitted, etc.).
o Codex Supplements will be considered their own Faction, ie. Farsight Enclave, Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Militarum Tempestus and Legion of the Damned, etc.
o In the case of a Forge World unit having a profile in a Forge World book and Codex or Codex Supplement, the rules in the Codex or Codex Supplement are always used.
• 0-1 Codex Specific Detachment
• 0-1 Allied Detachment
o Your Allied Detachment may be the same faction as your CAD.
• 0-1 Formation
o See the Black Library for examples of Formations.
o No Fortification or Apocalypse Formations will be allowed.
• 0-1 Fortification (Please note, these are not a detachment, but a part of certain detachments such as a CAD. Only 1 may be taken in your list, regardless of which detachments you use.)
o All of the rules may be found in the Stronghold Assault supplement. No Fortification Networks will be allowed . All upgrades on pg. 180 of the Stronghold Assault book will be allowed.
o Fortifications must be deployed more than 4″ from a board edge. For some fortifications in some deployment types, this may result in a fortification being deployed partially outside of a deployment zone.
• 0-1 Lord of War (Please note, these are not a detachment, but a part of certain detachments such as a CAD. Only 1 may be taken in your list, regardless of which detachments you use.)
o All of the rules for Lords of War available may be found in the Escalation, Apocalypse and Imperial Armor: Apocalypse supplement with the updated rules found in the BRB in effect (such as the new D Weapon rules). Players are required to have the actual LoW model to use them. Exceptions will only be made for exceptional conversions. What constitutes an exceptional conversion is determined at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organizers. Send pictures of your model in advance if you have any doubts.
o All Special Character LoWs such as Ghaz, Draigo, etc. can be used.
o Please note, the Impending Doom (+1 to Seize the Initiative for a player facing a Super Heavy or Gargantuan LoW who does not have one), and Through Attrition, Victory (+1 Victory Point for every 3 Hull Points or Wounds done to a Super Heavy or Gargantuan LoW, counted towards the secondary mission) special rules will be in effect if either player in a given game has a Super Heavy or Gargantuan Creature Lord of War, but not for a Special Character LoW such as Draigo.
o A LoW may be chosen from the following list. *Please note, the Battle of Keylek legacy of glory upgrade is not allowed for a LoW
o All of the Baneblade chassis vehicles except for the Hellhammer (and Traitor’s Bane variant) and Stormsword, which are not allowed
o All of the Imperial Knight LoW variants
o Crassus Armored Assault Transport
o Gorgon Heavy Transporter
o Minotaur Artillery Tank
o All Macharius chassis vehicles
o All Malcador chassis vehicles except the Malcador Infernus which is not allowed for the BAO 2014
o Valdor Tank Hunter
o Marauder Bomber (may not take Hellstorm bombs)
o Maurader Destroyer
o Fellblade
o Cereberus Heavy Tank Destroyer
o Thunderhawk Transporter
o Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
o Khorne Lord of Skulls
o Nurgle Plague Reaper
o Obelisk
o Gauss Pylon
o Stompa
o Big Mek Stompa (Big Mek Buzzgob pays the normal amount of points for his Stompa, not that listed in his unit entry)
o Gargantuan Squiggoth
o Kustom Battle Fortress
o Kill Krusha Tank
o Kill Blasta
o Cobra
o Scorpion
o Lynx with Pulsar (but not with Sonic Lance)
o Tiger Shark (Escalation version)
o Orca Dropship
o Scythed Hierodule
o Barbed Hierodule

40K Tournament Format
• Every scenario has a total of 10 possible points.
• Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins. Equal points is a tie.
• The tournament is W/L/D format, with accumulated points used to determine standings within a given final bracket. For example, if you end the event with a 4-2 record, you will be ranked within that bracket according to how many battle points you accumulated throughout the event. The official scoring is 1,000pts for a win, 500pts for a tie and then accumulated points within the game. So, a player with a 4-2 record who accumulated 6 points in each of his 6 games would end with a final score of (4,036 points). We score it this way so that the W/L/D record trumps accumulated points, but points earned throughout the tournament matter in determining your precise ranking in the event.
• Pairings are Swiss style, based on strength of schedule.

Event located: ... t&source=1

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