Lazerous Shiver-Rot

Lazerous Shiver-rot: Human Oracle/Barbarian: Keno's Character

Lazerous Shiver-rot: Human Oracle/Barbarian: Keno’s Character

Living under the shadow of the great Hungry Mountains in Virlych. Lazerous lives the simple life of a lumberjack, cutting and selling wood to the nearby town of Ravengro.

Night after night of living in the Ebonwall forest consumed his mind with madness.

Found by the a patrol from Lastwall having a conversation with a young cherry tree, the men stopped to observe the odd sight. He explained that the tree was old enough to bare fruit and he was doing his best to woo it. They would have left the madman there, but they observed his incredible ability to bend and warp wood to his will and recognized his potential usefulness.

They proceeded to tell him of the great Ork Horde that would come and destroy the forest that he clearly loved so dearly. Fearing for the safety of his forest, he joined the men from Lastwall to protect his wood from fire, steel and the vicious horde of hungry Orks and their sharp teeth.

Lazarus Shiver-Rot: Human Oracle: Keno's character.

Lazarus Shiver-Rot: Human Oracle: Keno’s character.

Lazerous was found by a fleeing gnoll couple Gr’auk and Arau in the Orv(land of the Black Blood) as a baby. Gr’auk feared Arau’s life would be sacrificed to Lamashtu for she was cursed with a barren womb. Both were seen as weak in the eyes of other Gnolls but to any non Gnoll they were still just as brutal as any. Once free form the torment of Orv the couple fled to Ustalav, far from Katapesh the Gnoll homeland. There they found a home in the Virlych forest.
 From the boat that crashed upon Virlych’s shores the Gnoll family forced the survivors to build a house for them. After eating them, the child was raised to know and live off the haunted lands he now called home. Lazarus Shiver-Rot was named after his adopted mothers greatgreat…ect grandfather. He was a vile Gnoll sorcerer who was one of the Lichking’s underling necromancers.
Lazerous made a living trading lumber with Ravengrove for supplies for he and his parents. If they were ever seen by other people they would surly be hunted down and killed. Often people would enter the woods of Virlych seeking fortune or just exploring. Those that got lost, Lazarus would find them scared for their lives in caves or under broken trees. He would imminently help them out of the woods for no cost but only to safeguard his family from outsiders.
When his parents passed ,due to the short 30 year lifespan of a Gnoll, He continued on living in the shadow of the Hungry Mountains, worshiping Azathoth for the day he would come to the world to end all ends.

Questions about Lazerous

  1. What kind of character are you trying to make in terms of his role in the party and overall abilities?
  2. What was the inspiration for your character if any, such as characters from literature, games, etc.?
  3. If your character had one wish, what would it be?
  4. Would your character help an old lady across the street?
  5. If your character were a song, what song would he be?
  6. Describe your character’s dream girl!

1. I was trying to make a DPS kinda hard-to-die character for long term gaming, heal oneself with some DR to back it up.

2. I thought about having fun and due to the person that I am it was my obligation to make a character who would make people go “WTF?”.A necromancer that raises the dead with power over wood would perfectly be named a LUMBERMANCER!

3.A Forest Fortress guarded by dryads, encompassing the cutest city of bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks ever!
4. Indeed, yes my character would undoubtedly help any in need, for what purpose? A convoluted foreseeing of the future!
5.Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
6. Six foot, autumn hair and dark bark just how I like em.