Craxis: Svirfneblin rogue: Alex' Character

Craxis: Svirfneblin rogue: Alex’ Character

Craxis was born in a small Deep Gnome village but was captured by Duergar and enslaved while he was still very young. He was subsequently sold to the Drow where he was a servant for many years. When his cruel captures tired of him, he was sold to an Orc warlord as a joke. Craxis’ spirit was not borken, however, and once on the surface he soon was able to make good his escape, but not before he took a small fortune in gold and gems from the Orc warlord. He now finds works as a scout, doing his best to pass himself off as a surface gnome while trying to find his way in the surface world. He hopes that someday he can return to the Underdark and take vengeance on those that wronged him and his people.

Craxis: Deep Gnome Rogue: Alex' Character

Craxis: Deep Gnome Rogue: Alex’ Character

Craxis fumed at the way things were going. That self-appointed overlord, Sandor had criticized and mocked him over his notion of using some sort of plan or tactics and called for a head on attack on the Orc camp. Even though using his traps and tactics had made defeating that band of Ogres so simple. So now he, the stoneheaded dwarf, and the strange surfacer who was fascinated with wood were charging straight at the camp. He figured someone would be needing his precious diamond this cycle. Suddenly he noticed that a very large and terrifying Orc was charging himself and the surface elf. He turned and let a bolt loose at the massive beast but it missed, flying over the orc’s shoulder. By the time he had reloaded a new quarrel it was already bearing down on him, he jumped back firing again. It hit the ork but did not seem to even annoy the monster! He dropped his Crossbow and pulled a small mace from his belt but was really just planning on avoiding the clumsy swings until the fools rushing forward could come back and deal with the brute. But just as he began to duck away he stepped on a loose patch of ground, he skidded to a halt right in front of the massive ork! Time seemed to slow down, he could see the large crescent blade of the raging ork’s axe falling down at him but knew he would not be able to avoid it. A cry barely escaped his lips as the head of the weapon cleaved into his flesh between his shoulder and neck, biting deeply into him nearly splitting him in half, his last sight was the maniac look in the beast’s eyes as he fell.

Darkness swirled around him, Craxis could not remember how he had come here, but he strangely felt at peace. A form moved out of the shadows. An old wizened Svirfneblin moved towards him, “It is time you learned your heritage Craxis….
Craxis bolted upright, sitting in a small cot he looked around quickly, he was at the surface fort. What had happened? He couldn’t remember everything, but something was pulling at his mind, slowly, ever so slowly, he got off the cot and moved towards his pack, opening a small secret pouch he pulled a small book from it. Opening it as he had done many times before, but this time, he understood the writing…..

Questions about Craxis

  1. What kind of character are you trying to make in terms of his role in the party and overall abilities?
  2. What was the inspiration for your character if any, such as characters from literature, games, etc.?
  3. If your character had one wish, what would it be?
  4. Would your character help an old lady across the street?
  5. If your character were a song, what song would he be?
  6. Describe your character’s dream girl!
1. I am aiming for a Arcane Trickster. I hope to be the quiet useful addition to the team that help get everyone out of odd jams and take care of any traps or scouting.
2. I played a Svirfneblin on a Server for Neverwinter Nights and loved the quirks of the race, Craxis is really a new concept I came up with after talking with the others about what the team needed: A Rogue.
3. If Craxis had one wish he would wish to have the strength to better protect himself and his people from the other denizens of the Underdark.
4. Maybe, if he saw some good profit in it, or it would gain him a favor from an onlooker or the old lady. Or if she was a Deep Gnome, most certainly then.
5. The Loner, by Neil Young
6. A Drow priestess that looked like his former master from the Underdark. Even though she was exceptionally cruel to him he could not help but be completely smitten by her beauty and gracefulness.