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Check out the SoCal Open Coverage!

The FLGN crew is bringing in great coverage of the 40k event, check it out! (more…)

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If more terrain is the answer…What is the Question?

One of the most common refrains since the release of 9th edition has been: You need more terrain. This has been emphasized due to the increase killing power visible across the board, and the smaller board sizes making it harder to stay out of range. Indeed, with the release of the Ad-Mech book a lack […]

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Performing With an Underperforming Codex

As long as the game of 40k has existed there has been the discussion of how how balanced the game actually is. Some will argue the game just needs a little nudge in the right direction, while others will say that the game is broken and can barely be considered a competitive game. The game […]

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Back in the Saddle: Fabricator’s Forge RTT Report

Hello All,Given it had been a while since my last competitive event (May if you can believe it) I decided it was high time to play another tournament. So I headed down to our local club to see the state of the game, and to try my hand at the new GT mission rules. I […]

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Eldar vs. Necrons

Necron Warlord Traits: Proof of the Codex Creep

Necrons have gotten a bad reputation as the example given to prove Codex creep is real in Warhammer 40k. Each time a new book comes out the rumblings of “Necrons are feeling the effects of being one of the first armies to get a Codex in 9th Edition” begin. While I do not think Games […]

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The Art of Conceding

One of the more controversial topics in the competitive 40k landscape is about whether or not conceding a game early is a sign of poor sportsmanship. On the one hand, Warhammer 40k is a game and as such is supposed to be fun. If you cease having fun, why should you be compelled to keep […]

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The King is Back?

When the Silent King first came out with the Necrons new Codex he was a staple in many army lists. In a meta where only Space Marines and Necrons had 9th Edition books the Silent King’s 450 point price tag seemed expensive, but Necron players got a lot for this heavy points investment. As more […]

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Warhammer+ Review: One Month In

Hi All,Like many people I was curious to see what the implementation of Warhammer + would mean for the hobby. Now, one month after the service went live I think it’s a fair time to review what is on offer and how Games Workshop’s first foray into streaming. Overall ExperienceTo be completely honest the lack […]

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Command Protocols: Not Great but Not Worthless

When the Necron Codex was first released the idea of Command Protocols seemed like a very innovative way to give out small buffs to your entire army. With some prior planning a savvy Necron player could ensure that these buffs happened during the correct Battle Round giving them a slight boost in melee power, shooting, […]

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Thousand Sons Codex – Narrative Review

Hello All,As I have done previously, let’s take a dive into the new Thousands Sons book with a specific eye towards the new Crusade rules. The Ork codex was quite well crafted, though some of the mechanics felt incomplete, let’s see how this book compares. Army RulesWhere the Orks had the interesting and complex contest […]

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