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Video Battle Report

40K Video Battle Report: Fatecrusher Daemons vs. Scarab Swarm Necrons

In this match we have Frankie piloting the Scarab Farm Necrons against will and his tried and true Fatecrusher Daemon list. (more…)

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Big Bird and friends!

40K Tactics: Fatecrusher Daemons: Big Bird and Friends!

This article is part one of a small series on Will’s 40K Daemons Fatecrusher build, list, Tactics, and hard match-ups. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Necrons Scarab Farm vs. Grey Knights Purifier Spam

This is a great example of what the Scarab Farm is capable of. Even with some errors in the opening moves, and crazy dice, the Scarab Farm holds its own. Purifier Spam is arguably the top dog right now, and Fuegan17 is a top notch player. This is a great showdown and really illustrates the […]

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Welcome to the Thunderome: Two men enter, one man leaves!

40K Space Wolf Tactics and Army Blog: Welcome To The Thunderdome!

This is an article written by Frankie about his tournament winning Space Wolf list. It will also cover his progress creating the army (this is the second iteration of the mighty force!). Unless you’ve been living in a cave with Osama for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of the mighty Thunderwolf Cavalry […]

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Phalanx Crons vs. Plague Marines

Here we have the Cron Phalanx vs. Frankie’s Plague Marines. This was a great game and really showcases some of the weaknesses of the Crons as well as some of the amazing wargear combos they have. Playing overly aggressive as I did cost me, as you will see. I think this game would have been handily won […]

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Orks vs. Mech Blood Angels

Here we have Will’s Mech Blood Angels against Ian’s Ork army. This is a league battle for our East bay Wargamer’s league, and we wanted to mix it up a bit from all the Necron reports we’ve been running. Never fear though, we will be coming back to the Crons very soon! We just wanted […]

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline Podcast: Episode 8: Chaos Rumors, Rebuttal to Darkwynn’s Necron Review (Fixed)

Signals from the Frontline: your Tuesday and Thursday under 30 minute Podcast covering what’s new in the Wargaming World! In this episode, we discuss more of the Chaos rumors popping up as well as offer up out couter-points to Darkwynn’s Necron review from over at Bell of Lost Souls. Enjoy!

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Doom Scythe Necrons vs. Space Wolves

Here we see what happens when an unfocused Necron list comes up against a tuned tournament list. In fairness to Dan, this was his first time playing Crons, so that was a huge factor. Also, I had a few lucky night fight roles early game that made a huge difference. The thing to note there […]

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Stormlord Scarab Farm Nercons vs. Mech Vet IG

Here we see how powerful a Necron list can be. This battle report isn’t completely indicative of what you should expect for reason that will be evident during the report, but I honestly don’t think the results would have been a lot different unless Will had stolen the initiative. Enjoy! Necrons: Stormlord Scarab Farm Necrons […]

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Necron Phalanx vs. Land Raider Blood Angels

Here we have the Phalanx against an assault Blood Angels list. This is a really good example of how to play this bad match-up for the Crons. (The points are a bit off on the Crons, but it was a casual game, so we didn’t sweat it). Lists: Necrons HQ Overlord Phaeron, Orb, Shifter, Warscythe, […]

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