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Conquest First Blood Arrives

The gang over at Para Bellum have released skirmish level game rules for their popular game, Conquest! (more…)

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Warhammer 40,000: The Codex Roadmap

The Warhammer-community team brings us a glimpse of what to expect in the future with 40k Codexes! (more…)

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mini images 706

Signals from the Frontline #706: What Lists are Frankie and Reece Using in 9th ed 40k?

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. The podcast and YouTube video-cast air at 9am, PST every Friday. Reece and Frankie discuss what’s new this week in the Games Workshop hobby and their 9th ed list ideas! (more…)

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New FLG Mat Size: 44″x30!”

We’ve got nearly 100 designs in the new Combat Patrol size gaming mat! (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Marvel’s Banned/Restricted List Emerges

With new guidelines for tactics cards and organized play, what has changed in competitive Marvel: Crisis Protocol? (more…)

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Sunday Preview – Martian Souls

The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on what’s coming soon for your favorite hobby! When available, you can buy these goodies and more in our web-cart! (more…)

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Snow 1 and 2 ad copy save

Last Chance to Save: Snow 1 & 2 and Robot City Complete Set!

Last Chance to Save! These awesome products are on sale for 20% off during this flash sale. (more…)

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This Week’s Pre-order: Sons of Behemat, Necrons and More!

This week we have the much anticipated Mega-Gargants for AoS, more Necron units and more items up for pre-order at discounted prices with FREE shipping options! (more…)

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In this week’s episode we review the Fantasia Fanatic XXXVIII in Sweeden. Results can be found here. We also discuss the top standing the that the Nothern European Meta. We also review the current state of the Meta overall and the increasingly common hero that is Lord Kroak. It seems like every other year he […]

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Artefacts of the Mega-Gargants

More info on the upcoming Sons of Behemat for AoS! This “fatnasy Knights” army is looking rad. Dive in to see more about their Artefacts via the Warhammer-community team. And remember, you’ll be able to purchase these from us in our web-cart tomorrow! (more…)

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