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Homebrew Campaign Rules – ASOIAF Miniatures

Last week I talked about how I would like to expand the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures game and spoke about how one of the ways I would expand the game would be with campaign rules. Thus I have decided to design some rules for the community to campaign in the world of […]

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30pt Starter Tournaments – ASOIAF First Sword of Daventry

Your Grace. My Lords. My Ladies. My little birds have been chirping a particular tune of late. The Sealord of Daventry has been looking for a new First Sword and several proficient strategists in the art of war have gathered to compete for the title. I have all the details of the event that I […]

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The Standouts in the META – ASOIAF Miniatures Game

We are one week away from having three months with the 2022 season updates and there are already some pretty clear standout Commanders ruling the roost. Just by merely picking these Commanders do you stand a better chance at performing well. Let’s check them out. (more…)

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Lannisters Suck, It’s That Simple – ASOIAF Miniatures

Having played a bunch of games with Lannisters recently, taking them to tournaments and casual games for the past few months, I have come to realise they are struggling to compete with the other factions in the game. Even the statistics on ASOIAF-Stats shows their decline almost to a point where pure neutrals are better […]

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Warriors of Light and Rainbow – ASOIAF Baratheon Heroes

The visions in the flames were clear. The time of the Stag is now. With the new update drastically changing the forces of the South, we have seen increased play and performance of the force with some standouts now starting to show. What are these breakout armies? And how will 2022’s releases evolve the faction? […]

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The Missing Units – ASOIAF Miniatures Game

A few weeks ago I spoke about how there were several characters that, just like Walder Frey, are late to the battlefield. From Edmure Tully to Podrick Payne several characters should have been released before the likes of Devan Seaworth and the soon to be everywhere Patchface. But what about the units? Where are some […]

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UK got what first? – Heroes 3 Boxes for ASOIAF

Well well well, what do we have here? The UK is not last in getting a release for A Song of Ice and Fire, furthermore is the first to get the release! Let’s not waste anytime diving into the new Heroes Boxes that will shake up the game. We will be only going through some […]

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Out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Fresh after a small Martell Leak comes the announcement of several releases throughout the 2022 year. I think I will refer to this as the 2022 Road Map as each quarter release will shake up the game immensely.  (more…)

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Dawn of Dorne – Starter Set

The most anticipated army for A Song of Ice and Fire is the forces of Dorne. Under the banner of the Martells they will arrive soon with teases from the developers confirming the army is in full production. When the warriors of the dunes arrive, who will lead them? What soldiers will have mobilised? And […]

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A Dance with Daventy – ASOIAF Tournament Review

This weekend I went to my first ASOIAF Tournament in the UK. The Dance with Daventry was a great event and I had a swell time meeting other people in the community and had some really fun close games. Thank you to Graham for organising the event and I sure hope to make it to […]

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