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hellfire painting

Stay Inside and Paint Your Models

You should stay inside, and while you are at it, this is an excellent chance to paint your models. Click to read on, or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and strategies. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Space Wolves

A Space Wolf commission from the FLG Paint Studio. (more…)

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Maximize That Down Time

You got down time…then it is time to be productive and get your hobby game in gear.

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Chapter Tactics #152: All in – Or Bust

Today Brandon Grant hosts an episode and talks about the All in nature of the new ITC missions and how to build a list to take full advantage of the new alpha strike meta. (more…)

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Completed Commission: Ahriman, the Arch Sorcerer of Tzeentch

Completed by the Flg Paint Studio. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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Time to Get Tactical About Objectives

Hey guys, Nick Nanavati here from Art of War. Today, I want to cover a rarely discussed topic: Objectives. Objectives are essentially the win condition for most games of competitive 40k, and yet they’re one of the least discussed aspects of the game strategically. If you’re going to center your entire game plan around holding […]

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Sunday Preview: Zoatally Awesome

Wow, lot’s of awesome on the way! (more…)

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Tau 12

The Greater Good FAQ: changes

Hi folks. Today I’m taking another look at the post-FAQ updates to the T’au content in The Greater Good. (more…)

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Readers write in, we answer!

The Pedagogy of the Hobby

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, well, I am going to shift gears into the other major part of my life, education. If you are like me and the other 40 million people under lock down here in Cali thanks to COVID-19, there isn’t a whole lot of game time at the […]

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Awoooo! Saga of the Beast is Up for Pre-order!

Grab the awesome new Psychic Awakening supplement for 40k featuring Space Wolves and Orks! (more…)

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