Master Tormentor Morghoul

Drukhari Codex Review: Elites: Ur-Ghoul

The rest of the Court of the Archon have been bad, but strap in, because we’re looking at the worst of the worst here. Click to read on if you dare, or check out the Tactics Corner for discussion of units and strategies that aren’t terrible. (more…)

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The Hobby Lives!

Even at the most competitive event in 40K, the hobby was in full swing! The event was just as much tabletop beauty pageant as it was championship tournament of the ITC!

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lvo 2020 website

LVO 2020 Final!

Tony here from 40K Stats Centre covering the final game from LVO 2020! You can follow along here or stream it live from Warhammer TV Twitch or 40K Stats Centre. Richard Siegler‘s Iron Hands take on Brad Chester’s Raven Guard successors. Brad Chester wins first turn and Richard fails to seize. Richard’s secondaries: Gangbusters, Engineers, […]

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lvo 2020 website

LVO 2020 Day 3

Tony here back with your day 3 roundups! Sean Nayden wins first turn and puts early pressure on Jeff Poole’s Orks. He moves his spears in, kills Jeffs SAG Mek and tags as much as possible. The turns run long with the game ending on turn 4 in Nayden’s favor 22-16. Brad Chester and Boris […]

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Asuryani FW + Expert Crafters

Phoenix Rising has given new life to Craftworld Eldar, particularly with Expert Crafters. Yet its not only the main line of GW models that have received a bump, Forge World units have become far more interesting as well. (more…)

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LVO 2020 – Top 8!

Here are your LVO 2020 Top 8 Sean Nayden Brad Chester John Lennon Richard Siegler Boris Michev Jeff Poole Justin Lois Steven Pampreen

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LVO 2020 – Ghost Round Pairings

Find your ghost round pairings here. Broadcasting live at 40K Stats Centre.

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lvo 2020 website

LVO 2020 Day 2 Round Recap

Back in the saddle for Day 2! Tony Pierce aka Panda Pants here to give you your round by round recaps. Round 4 Sean Nayden beats Aaron Aleong 25-20. Richard Siegler takes down Ray Ahumada 32-18. John Lennon triumphs over Treynor Wolfe 37-17. Mani Cheema continues his path to victory beating Eric H 37-14. Elliot […]

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Aeldari Tournament Report

Aeldari Hammer in the New Year: Game 1

Hammer in the New Year is a tournament in Ashburn Virginia. This year, I made a run at winning the grand prize: a 3D printed a Thunder Hammer. (more…)

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LVO 40k Champs Round 2 pairings.

Here is the link to your round 2 pairings.

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