How to Play Sisters of Battle- Interview With Andrew Gonyo

We got multi- NOVA winner and former Team America Captain to come onto our wonderful podcast and talk about his ideas for Adepta Sororitas moving forward in 9th edition! Part one is a free to listen episode covering Andrew’s list and the strategy behind it! While part 2 is for patrons only and you get […]

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Announcing New Game Coverage

Frontline Gaming is bringing coverage to several new systems! (more…)

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mini images 703

Signals from the Frontline #703: 9th ed 40k Necron Codex Preview!

Reece and Frankie talk about the new Necron preview that came out, along with tactical deployment, and community news! (more…)

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Matroyshka – Part 12

Welcome back to Matroyshka. If you are just joining us, part one can be found here. Koju was frantically trying to get through on his vox, so he missed it. Vhuna didn’t. Without warning the thing appeared between them and the group of Sisters. The only signs that a half-second ago there had been nothing […]

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tabletop titans

Drukhari vs Iron Hands – 9th edition 40k Battle Report

The Tabletop Titans crew brings us another 9th ed 40k video battle report featuring Iron Hands Space Marines vs. Drukhari! (more…)

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HeroQuest Returns!

The classic game is coming back and looks fantastic. For many of us old grognards, this is the game that started our obsessions with miniatures games! (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #176: Why Combat Patrol Could Be The Future of Competitive 40k

Today Peteypab grabs two TOs to talk about an alternative way to play 40k. (more…) Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (399)

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Sunday Preview – Crusading Into the Nexus and Tactical Terrain

GW brings us a preview of what to expect for upcoming products! (more…)

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Connecting With Characters – Garviel Loken Part 1

If you were asked who the “main character” of the Horus Heresy story is, you’d be hard-pressed to find an answer that could cover the 50+ novels of the Horus Heresy story. It is, after all, so incredibly vast and covering so many different characters that there’s no real way to say that one character […]

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Tau 2

Diagnosing the T’au’s Problems in 9th

In this week’s article I’m going to riff on an excellent Goonhammer article on the subject of a tier list in the current 9th edition meta. As usual with Goonhammer, the article itself is great, so I’d certainly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already. (more…)

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