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Imperial Armour: What’s New for the T’au?

Well, the opening of this video from Invasive Wargaming pretty much sums it up. Pour one out for the T’au. Fs in the chat. (more…)

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How Should Markerlights Work in 9th?

In my article last week, I discussed the problems with the Markerlight system. I focused on the challenge of getting five Markerlights on a target and the different options that T’au players have when it comes to this issue. This week, I’m going to discuss how the system itself could change. There is, of course, […]

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What’s Wrong with Markerlights?

All competitive T’au players know that the Markerlight system is broken at the moment. (more…)

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Shadowsun one

T’au Tactics: Core and Master of War

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the changes to army composition and aura availability with the inclusion of the Core keyword. Simply put, some auras and abilities only work on units with the Core keyword. (more…)

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Can the T’au Deal with the New Marines?

It’s been a great weekend for 40k. Not only do we have the pre-order of the 9th edition Space Marines and Necrons codex books, but we’re also spoiled with variety of articles and videos discussing the new content and what it means for 9th edition. (more…)

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Should the T’au Have a Strong Assault Unit?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring the problems that the T’au Empire has in 9th edition. There’s a lot to go into, which means that by necessity my articles can’t cover everything that I’d like to discuss on the topic. (more…)

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Tau 2

Diagnosing the T’au’s Problems in 9th

In this week’s article I’m going to riff on an excellent Goonhammer article on the subject of a tier list in the current 9th edition meta. As usual with Goonhammer, the article itself is great, so I’d certainly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already. (more…)

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The Kroot in 9th Edition 40k

Last week, I discussed one of the two T’au auxiliary units, the Vespid Stingwings. I argued that, while this unit isn’t great, it does have some use in 9th edition. The same cannot be said for the topic of this week’s article, the Kroot Carnivores. (more…)

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A Sting in the Tail in 9th

Today I’m going to continue on the theme of how T’au can improve in 9th edition, but this time I want to take a look at one of the alien auxiliaries to which the faction has access: the Vespid Stingwings. It will not come as a surprise to anyone who plays 40k competitively that the […]

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What else do the T’au need in 9th?

Today I’m going to talk a little more about the difficulties that the T’au faction has at the moment. (more…)

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