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Game Review: Vampire: The Masquerade

Hey guys! PT here with a review of the recently rebooted Vampire: The Masquerade core rule book. (more…)

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Perhaps It’s Time to Shut Down the Soup Line

PT here, with another reason to be mad in the comments! (more…)

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Buffing the Bad Guys for the Greater Good

PT Taylor here with some truth for ya! (more…)

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40k Tournaments Need Referees, Not Another Spectator

As Army Men tournaments have become more marketable, professional, and mainstream, even to the point of livestreamed top tables at major events, the community has become painfully aware of some of the failings of our humble sport. (more…)

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Warhammer 40k: A Gentleman’s Grimdark

Hello, again. In this era of rampant tribalism in the world at large, it seems that there has arisen an interesting and occasionally unhealthy division within the Warhammer 40k community: the casual gamer vs the competitive gamer. (more…)

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Games-Workshop is not the God Emperor and it’s not Heresy to Question Him.

Hi! PT, here, to dive in and discuss an uncomfortable issue within the 40k community and hopefully bring us closer to fixing it! (more…)

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