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Fantasy Fisticuffs #44: Old Games, and What Lasts

With a churn and burn of disposable games always coming to market, what is it about some that let them endure the test of time? (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #43: Mission Critical (Battle for the Pass)

For the impatient and bloodthirsty, Battle for the Pass throws out most of the subtly and rewards aggression.  Let’s talk about channeling that aggression best! (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: Conquest New Players Buying Guide

With Conquest’s community growing quickly, there is a lot to consider when starting out.  Here are a few tips! (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs: Announcing New Game Coverage

Frontline Gaming is bringing coverage to several new systems! (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #42: The Complicated Issue of Tabletop Simulator

With 2020 being the year gone mad, many turn to virtual tabletops, but can we ever put the genie back in the bottle? (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #41: Mission Critical (Forcing the Hand)

A game of cat-and-mouse, by way of Age of Sigmar, Forcing the Hand poses some interesting tactical dilemmas for players. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #40: Mission Critical (Total Conquest)

A tournament and general staple of Age of Sigmar, let’s discuss how to do well in Total Conquest. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #39: Mission Critical (Blade’s Edge)

Blade’s Edge asks more of players than most missions.  Let’s see how we can get the most out of this scenario. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #38: Do We Even Want Balance?

Building off of last week’s discussion, we ask the question, “How much balance is a good thing?” (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #37: Musing on Balancing Games

Something a little different this week as we discuss how games outside of tournaments get played, by competitive gamers. (more…)

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