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Necron Review: Heavy Support: Doom Scythe

DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! – GO HOME NOW!  Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks back with another article on the Necrons.  This time, we’re looking at that one other flyer you’ve heard might be in the Necron codex.  Well, not only am I here to confirm its existence, but I’m also here to give you some ideas on […]

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Necron Review: Heavy Support: Monoliths

Someone once described the Monolith to me like this; “It’s like fighting a brick wall, you may not really be able to hurt it, but its probably not really going to be able to do anything to you.”  While my little brother’s opinion was based upon the old 3.5 edition Monolith, the current one has some […]

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Necron Review: HQs: Necron Lord

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  The Necron Lord, once the only HQ option for Necrons, now reduced to a supporting role.  But fear not hierarchical member of the Tomb World, for your fall from grace has not diminished your usefulness.  Be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Necron Review: Fast Attack: Canoptek Wraiths

What’s good fellow gamers?  Mr.MoreTanks back with another Necron article, this time about one of the most terrifying assault units in the game: Canoptek Wraiths.  Cringe in horror as these serpentine robots rush across the board at you with horrifying speed.  Be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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aventine destroyers

Necron Review: Heavy Support: Heavy Destroyers

The Unappreciated and forgotten angry ones. Be sure to check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Destroyers, ready for highlighting.

Necrons Review: Fast Attack: Destroyers

I have come to destroy you Quick, durable, and packing serious firepower, Destroyers are perhaps some of the most aptly named units in the Necron Codex.  Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews! (more…)

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Mediocre 40k! How to Save It…

What’s good fellow gamers?  Mr.MoreTanks here to put ink to a few thoughts and discussion I’ve had on tournament road trips.  These articles are just ideas on how to make iconic weapons, units, and the like become actually viable. (more…)

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Mr.MoreTanks’ Harvester of Souls GT Report

Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks finally brought out of hiding with a win at a great tournament up in the Pacific North West. Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great tournament reports. (more…)

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I Dream of IG…

What’s good fellow gamers?  Mr.MoreTanks here with an article a little more like what RawDogger brings to the table.  I’m going to do a little day dreaming as I’m sadly becoming less and less excited about my arguably my favorite army in the game right now, Guard. (more…)

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TSHFT Open! Updates and Photos!

  Howdy fellow gamers! Mr.MoreTanks up here in Seattle, underway with the TSHFT Open ITC event with over 50 players and has several Cruisehammer tickets on the line!  We’ll keep you up to date on the front runners and see about getting you their lists.  Some of the best players in the Pacific North West are […]

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