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Eldar Review: HQ: Fuegan

  Welcome back to another fun filled Eldar Review brought to you by the ever lovely Goatboy.  I have another Living Legend to talk about this time – the one and only Fuegan – Phoenix Lord of the Fire Dragons.  Once one of the more deadly Phoenix lords, he is still a mighty warrior for […]

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Eldar Review: Heavy Support: Vaul’s Wrath Support Battery

It’s another day and another article from the one and only Goatboy – today’s topic of review is the Vaul’s Wrath Support Battery.  This is an Eldar unit that cause a lot of ruckus when it was first reviewed and while decent I think the overall lack of availability stunted its use in the every […]

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Eldar Review: Elites: Fire Dragons

Welcome to another wild and wooly Eldar Codex review brought to you by the ever lovely Goatboy.  Today I want to chatter on about the nonsense vehicle kill unit known as the Fire Dragons. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Heavy: Dark Reapers

Goatboy here again with another Eldar review.  This time I talk about the old boogie man from my days of starting 40k – the Dark Reapers.  These guys used to kill so many of my Chaos Space Marines it was scary.  Sure they lost some of their edge but they are still really good at […]

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Hemlock Wraithfighter

Welcome to another edition of Goatboy reviews brought to you by the Frontline Tactics Corner.  Today will talk about the Mind Bullet Sky Master known as the Hemlock Wraithfighter.  It’s the Rags to Riches story of a weird unit that no one took and became a different weird unit you don’t see people taking…so maybe […]

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biel tan crimson hunter 1

Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Crimson Hunter

Well howdy again, this Goatboy and welcome to another Eldar review.  Today will talk about the “king/queen” of the skies for the Eldar army – the Crimson Hunter. (more…)

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Necron Tactics: HQ: Vargard Obyron

Welcome back to another Goatboy Necron Codex Review.  Today I get to chatter on about the old – super bad ass from the Necron Codex – Vargard Obryon.  This guy went from being in almost every Necron army somewhat of a side player.  The changes 7th brought to the Necron army as well as other […]

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striking scorpion

Eldar Review: Elites: Striking Scorpions

Welcome back to another lovely Goatboy Eldar Review.  Today I want to chatter on about the other red headed stepchild of the Eldar Assault unit options, the Striking Scorpions.  The changes to the shooting of the game as well as the other assault units becoming so much more effective leaves this unit staying in the […]

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tesseract vault

Necron Review: Lord of War: Tesseract Vault

Welcome to another wild and woolly Necron Codex review by the ever lovable Goatboy.  This time I am talking about the most expensive Lord of War option in the Necron Codex – the Tesseract Vault.  I’ve already talked about the C’Tans so I figured I would complete the slow lap of why choices in the Necron codex. […]

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Necron Review: Elites: C’Tan Shard of the Deceiver

Welcome back to another Necron Codex review brought to you by the one true sweetheart of 40k – Goatboy.  Today I want to chatter on about one of the named C’Tans – the Deceiver.  This guy is the trickster of the C’Tan and has been know to Lie, Cheat, and Steal his way into your […]

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