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Video Battle Report

Ard Boyz West Coast Finals Video Battle Report

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals From the Frontline: Episode 1

Just hit play to stream the latest in Signals from the Frontline!

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Prepare for Mushroom Cloud!

He Who Deathstrikes, Wins!

  He Who Deathstrikes, Wins! Anyone who hasn’t been playing 40K in a cave for the past edition knows how incredibly powerful Manticores can be. With multiple strength 10 templates a turn, they can be devastating to the parking lot style armies we so commonly see in competitive lists these days. Light infantry hordes also […]

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Title: ComikazeLocation: LA Convention CenterLink out: Click hereDescription: 5 game, 2 day 40K GT at the massive pop culture expo: Comikaze!Start Date: 2011-11-05Start Time: 09:00End Date: 2011-11-06End Time: 17:00

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List Building 101 by Reece Robbins

This was an article I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls a few years back and that has proven to be popular ever since. I still see it referenced on 40K related sites all over the internet. Hopefully it can also provide you with some useful information.  This article is intended to help new players […]

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Site Under Construction

We are in the process of getting this site built, please check back with us later. Thanks!

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